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What is svchost.exe?

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From Microsoft’s description of svchost.exe:

“Svchost.exe is a process on your computer that hosts, or contains, other individual services that Windows uses to perform various functions.”

To expand on that, most Windows services these days are stored in .dll (Dynamic-Link Library) files instead of .exe (executable) files. Since you can’t launch a .dll file directly in Windows, it uses svchost.exe to host these services.

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How to Determine if Your Computer Needs More RAM

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Often the first thing someone will tell you when you mention that your computer is running slowly is that you need more RAM. While this may be a true statement, it is a good idea to verify for yourself before making a purchase.

Begin by actually using your computer. Open any programs you use frequently and might typically be running at the same time; maybe even open an Explorer window or two for a little extra. If you play a lot of games you might want to start a game and then Alt+Tab out.
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Disable Windows 8 Automatic Restart for Updates

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Currently there is no easy way to prevent Windows 8 from automatically restarting after installing updates. However, it can be done by a quick Group Policy edit. First, open the Group Policy Editor by hitting the Windows key and typing gpedit.msc:

Open gpedit.msc


Next, navigate to the following section:
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