Create Your Own Twitter WordPress Widget

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You don’t need a bulky third party plugin in order to create an interactive Twitter widget for your WordPress site. Twitter’s 1.1 API offers Embedded Timelines which allow your visitors to reply and Retweet directly from your website.

First go to the Widgets page in your Twitter settings. Click Create new to setup the new widget.
twitter settings

Select the type of widget you would like to create (User timeline for a list of your own tweets) and fill in the appropriate information. Be sure to enter the domain of your website into the Domains field.
twitter settings - create widget

Click the Create widget button and copy the embed script from the box at the bottom of the page.
widget embed code

Now go into the Widgets menu under the Appearance section of your WP admin page. Create a new text widget and paste the embed script into the widget as seen below. Click save and you’re done.
wordpress widgets menu

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