Install Office Picture Manager with Office 2013

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If you have moved to Office 2013 you may have noticed that Microsoft decided to remove the Office Picture Manager application. I was a fan of OPM as it let me quickly edit photos without installing another third-party application and also had some nice batch editing functions available.

While there is no 2013 version of Office Picture Manager available, there are a couple of ways to get it back. You can either install it from the Office 2010 installation or by downloading the free SharePoint Designer 2010 installer.

Begin by either firing up your Office 2010 installation or downloading and running the SharePoint Designer 2010 installer (32-bit is also available).

When you get to the installation screen, choose Customize rather than Install Now.

Office 2010 Installer

This will take you to a screen which allows you to select which components you would like to install. For each section, choose Not Available from the drop-down list. Next, expand the Office Tools section and look for Microsoft Office Picture Manager; from this list select Run from My Computer. Your screen should look similar to the following:

Office 2010 Installation Options

Finally, click Continue and let the installation complete. You now have Office Picture Manager 2010 once again.

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  1. guest says:

    thanks! installing from the sharepoint installer worked. i cant believe they took it out!

  2. grateful guest says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Bad decision by Microsoft to remove OPM from 2013. You remedied that with a recovery solution that worked exactly as described.

  3. Cyrus says:

    Thanks in advance for this guidance, but I can’t recognize how they decided to remove OPM from 2013. Really it is so bad decision.

  4. SANTIPAP says:

    Yes, I am fully agree with your below comments ! How could decided to remove it out. it is unreasonable decision.

  5. Jean says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for these instructions. Works! The only thing I would add to them is “Right click on each item to select Not Available”. Wonderful to have Picture Manager back!

  6. B says:

    Thanks so much. Love this program

  7. Ralph says:

    A million thanks! I am in real estate and use it to enhance all the property pictures I take. Have many other uses for it as well. Poor decision from Microsoft to remove it.

  8. bhanu pratap says:

    thanks in advance for this guidance, thanks a lot for providing this information,but that’s really bad for office 365 users.

  9. Mansoor Mahmood says:

    Thank You. I have a Business and Love using the Microsoft Picture Manager 2010 as it is the Best Software. You’r the Best. Live Long!

  10. Murray says:

    Many thanks Nathan. Very helpful. As others have commented, a bad move of MS to leave OPM out of 2013.

  11. Munawar Khan says:

    Well done gentlemen – we are proud of expert Microsoft team.
    – Many Thanks

  12. Derek Tackett says:

    Mine won’t install. It installed on my Win 8.1 computer but not on my Win 7 computer. Here is the error code…any ideas?

  13. Jimmythe1 says:

    Hi – I recently moved from a Windows XP machine to a new one running Windows 8.1 (and I have already run out of words to describe my utter loathing of Microsoft’s latest attempt to drive the world crazy). To try to remedy the infuriating omission of Office Picture Manager I followed your instructions as above. I downloaded SharePointDesigner successfully, but when I tried to run it I got an error message telling me that it had stopped working. On closing the program I got another telling me that ‘The language of this installation package is not supported by your system’. When I try to uninstall it to start over I get the same message. Now what do I do? (Help!!!!)

    • Nathan says:

      Did you verify you had the correct version? 32bit or 64bit. If it’s an older machine you probably need the 32bit version (also linked above in the article)

  14. dbinott says:

    Thanks! Just Installed the sharepoint version on Windows 8.1 with Office 2013

  15. kuang says:

    thanks a lot

  16. Biddy Greene says:

    Firstly thank you for this.
    I just tried downloading the free SharePoint Designer 2010 installer on Windows 8 with Word 2013 – and they don’t seem to be offering “Customize”.

    Any suggestions for what I should do?

    • Nathan says:

      So you just see an install button but no customize button? Did you continue on with the installer?

      • Biddy Greene says:

        Nope; I thought I’d ask you first! :)
        And thank you, also, for the quick reply.
        Shall I try Install?
        I’m a bit inhibited about doing that because I’ll probably get all that stuff one doesn’t need. On the other hand maybe “Customize” now comes inside “Install”.

        • Biddy Greene says:

          Okay – this works. Yay! I downloaded MS SharePoint Designer 2010. Then I clicked on Install – and “Customize” did come up. Then I did as per most of Nathan’s instructions: I chose Not Available from the drop-down list and expanded Office Tools. There was no MS Office Picture Manager on offer but (if I remember correctly)I chose MS SharePoint Designer 2010 again, and then I installed it.
          A helpful tip: If you click on e.g. a jpg file in Windows 8 it opens your pic in the dreaded Windows Photo Viewer. To get it into the equivalent of Picture Manager, just click on Open > Microsoft Office 2010 [if you’ve downloaded it – see above! ]. Then you can do cropping etc. like in the good old XP days! :)

          THANK YOU, NATHAN!

  17. Thanks so much. Deeply appreciated.

  18. Lester Owencroft says:

    Many thanks for your post – a perfect solution to the problem. Worked perfectly!

  19. Hoop says:

    Thanks for all the posts.
    I have Windows 8.1, In my attempts I get installation failed.
    Error 525004. I just bought this machine and transferred contents with laplink. Old machine windows 7, which I had successfully loaded the sharepoint windows manager and was using.

    Any ideas to get it to install?
    Many Thanks

    • Nathan says:

      Well I’m not sure about the error message you are getting. However, I myself am not a fan of OS upgrades (Windows 7 -> 8) or moving programs installed on one OS to another. Although more time consuming, I find it is always more reliable to just start with a clean install of the OS and all programs.

      I recommend backing up all of your important files, formatting you HD, and then installing 8.1. Once this is done then install all of your programs fresh on 8.1 rather than copy from a Windows 7 installation.

      I can’t say for sure that doing this will fix your problem, but you are definitely less likely to have issues like this with a clean install. Hope this helps.

  20. Kristina says:

    YOU ROCK!!! I changed computers at work and lost my OPM. I was distressed, until I found your step by step instructions. Now, OPM and I are reunited – and it feels so good! Thanks.

  21. EC says:

    thank you so much! >3<

  22. Anonymous says:

    Excellent solution!Works 100%!thanks

  23. Terry says:

    Great instructions. Worked like a champ…. thanks for your contribution.

  24. Ellen McCann says:

    This did work and I got Picture Manager back. However, I also got Windows 7 finding and trying to install upgrades of Office 2010. So far I’ve just unchecked the updates it selected because I’m afraid they will mess with Office 2013, but is there a way to stop these updates? I don’t want to turn the feature off because then I won’t get any of the 2013 updates. Thanks for you help.

    • Nathan says:

      Well you can hide the updates in Windows Update and they will be ignored. I would probably just let them install though. If you _only_ installed OPM as in this post, there shouldn’t be much to update.

  25. Ellen McCann says:

    Thank you!

  26. Keith Roy says:

    Thank you for this. I agree that Microsoft shouldn’t have left out the option. Your work around is fantastic.

  27. Avinash says:

    Wow! that solves the problem! thanks man!

  28. Körtepálinka says:

    Thank you very much, the Sharepoint Installer was a good way to get the Picture Manager back.

    Microsoft should include it in the next Office version again.

  29. Daniel D. S. says:

    I was very uncomfortable because there is no-office-picture-manager-in office-2013/
    When I have seen your wonderful suggestion and all reply.I did it and problem solved.thanks

  30. Daniel D. S. says:

    Nathan sir will you help for Hindi keyboard input for windows 8 (like android Hindi keyboard.) Hindi founts are critical to write
    Will you send suggested link

  31. Bojan C says:

    It works great. I also don’t understand Microsoft why they take away those small thing that actually work and that help people work more comfortably and with joy. Don’t force people to use something else that have to be pay extra and with so much tools around, you get lost.
    Keep it simple, user friendly and make it work faster. Only so you get results.
    Nathan, tnx. Great job.

  32. Suzanne G says:

    I just used installed Microsoft Office Picture Manager from the website you suggested. The installation worked flawlessly!

    I was so lost without this program and can’t believe Microsoft did away with it. But I’m back in action and that’s what matters.

    Thank you so much!

  33. Kate B says:

    I’m so pleased to find this post – all worked smoothly – thank you so much!

  34. Jason C says:

    yes! Awesome. Thanks!

  35. Ed T says:

    BOOM! Thanks so much. What a bunch of fools to remove this simple and awesome program.

  36. Saheem Mohamed says:

    Thank You.

  37. vijay suryavanshi says:

    thanks a lot for the information….

  38. Long time OPM user says:

    Thanks – works a treat. Like everyone else, absolutely dumbfounded that Microsoft took this out – one of its best utilities!! And I now realise that SharePoint Designer is good old Front Page redressed. Another former useful tool.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thank u dear was really as a gift

    • Dorothy says:

      just got back from wandering in search of food… stopped finally and got a Jimmy John’s sa2c3mh&#8mi0; but I was so hungry that nothing sounded good. Sammich is good.Minchin is a real Looks

  40. Emerson Galina says:

    Thank you very much for the shared information. It worked as you recommended ! I tested several other software but OPM still the faster and best one for editing my pictures

  41. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this. a godsend for someone just wanting a simple compression facility. installed it on 8.1 Pro. with Office365.
    now if I can just can a simple DVD player app cause that is missing out of Windows Media Player :(

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Muntasir Dihan says:

    Nice post and the instructions are very clear. Thank you.
    It is one of the worst decision taken by Microsoft Corporation to remove Office Picture Manager.

  44. Dee 26 says:

    Awesome! I down loaded following your steps and you made my day, I have been so bummed since I installed the office 13. Thank you Thank you!

  45. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much

  46. I have my Photo Manager back!!! Thank you!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Use the Sharepoint method ~ a most excellent work around. For those having problems, check that your Windows version matches the requirements. My downloaded version was for Windows 7 64-bit, not 8, like many of you seem to be specifying. Curse Microsoft!

  48. Cindy Morus says:

    Hi, I’ve tried downloading both the 32 bit and the 64 bit but when I try to run it, I get a failure message: I have Win 7. Any ideas since it seems other people have been able to do it just fine. Thanks.

  49. Euzebio says:

    Ótimo. Não tem outro visualizador de imagens e ferramenta de edição como este, para os mais simples, é claro. Funcionou também com o Office 2007.

    Great. There is no other image viewer and editing tool like this, for the most simple of course. Also worked with Office 2007.

  50. Marcelrol says:

    I’ve followed the steps and the installation process started but, for some reason, it stoped ‘-‘
    No messages. No nothing. Just stoped.
    What should I do?

  51. Renny says:

    Many many txs Nathan !! Worked perfectly !!!! I was desperate but mostly angry with Microsoft.

  52. Donna says:

    I’m posting this note both to thank you, Nathan, and to let others know your solution still works perfectly.

    Picture Manager is an application I’ve missed greatly. Having it back is a godsend.

  53. Jo-Anne says:

    Finally! Got mine back. Thank you so much, this really works perfectly

  54. aspartanicus says:

    I can install the Picture Manager, but the functionality is limited. If you have 20 pictures and want to send them to Word or Power Point MS Office 2013, it will not work, you will get an error say I do not have MS Office installed. I have MSOffice 2013, but it is not compatible. At this point it is completely useless. All the other jobs I can do with “Paint”, or something more sophisticated like Gimp. I do not understand why people jumping up and down being able to install this program when you cannot use the real functions. Cropping an image you can do with anything this days, you do not need Picture Manager. Picture Manager has some other powerful functions that are locked. Micro Soft know what they know and I believe are rely smart on this move, they are on something here by removing Picture Manager. Any way thanks a lot with that brilliant advice installing Picture Manager for MS Office 2013.

  55. Frankie T says:

    awesome. thank you

  56. Deb says:

    I have downloaded the Share Point Designer. When I try to click on the Not Available button as instructed, the red X remains and Picture Manage does not show in the Office Tools.

    I am running Windows 7 professional and Office 2013.

    I am doing something wrong. I would so love to have my Office Picture Manager back.


  57. Kevin says:

    Thanks a lot Nathan. Simple and clear instructions !

  58. Cynthia says:

    Thank you very much for posting this site. The instructions were clear and simple for me to follow….not tech savvy…..

  59. Jacob says:

    Thank you so much. great instruction and a great help. Now I have it back.

  60. Jim says:

    Thanks – works great!

  61. Giles says:

    Thanks so much.

  62. Laura says:

    Thank you. Very useful.

  63. BPS says:

    Nathan, and all you gentlemen Thanks for helping me download & install Picture Manager.

  64. Maercio says:

    Thank you Nathan, you are beast. I also always been a fan of the app and they should never disable it. Installed in Office 2013, under the new Windows 10 and everything OK, thank your SharePoint Designer tip. Save Nathan !!!

  65. Robert Davies says:

    Thank you for the info, managed download as described and use successfully.

    Like everyone, else can not believe such a useful tool is left out of Windows 10 update

  66. Gallen says:

    Thanks soo much Nathan! Your info is really simple and useful.
    Same with the others’ madness at Microsoft.

  67. Lam says:

    Yes, I’m also adding my thanks for the help in installing the Office Picture Manager which I too, can’t do without. *Thumbs up*

  68. Pravin says:

    Thanks buddy!! I had an headache when I didn’t found OPM in 2013.. I cannot understand what Microsoft was thinking when making the 2013 bundle.. Finally I am happy.. :)

  69. sneha says:

    Thanks soo much Nathan! Your info is really simple and useful.

  70. ASet says:

    Thanks Nathan – you saved my day (actually week, month & year) !
    Let´s hope MS will see this site and include Picture Mangaer also in the current Office version.

  71. Anonymous says:


  72. iqbal says:


  73. toon says:


  74. Firos says:


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