Install Office Picture Manager with Office 2013

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If you have moved to Office 2013 you may have noticed that Microsoft decided to remove the Office Picture Manager application. I was a fan of OPM as it let me quickly edit photos without installing another third-party application and also had some nice batch editing functions available.

While there is no 2013 version of Office Picture Manager available, there are a couple of ways to get it back. You can either install it from the Office 2010 installation or by downloading the free SharePoint Designer 2010 installer.

Begin by either firing up your Office 2010 installation or downloading and running the SharePoint Designer 2010 installer (32-bit is also available).

When you get to the installation screen, choose Customize rather than Install Now.

Office 2010 Installer

This will take you to a screen which allows you to select which components you would like to install. For each section, choose Not Available from the drop-down list. Next, expand the Office Tools section and look for Microsoft Office Picture Manager; from this list select Run from My Computer. Your screen should look similar to the following:

Office 2010 Installation Options

Finally, click Continue and let the installation complete. You now have Office Picture Manager 2010 once again.

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  • guest

    thanks! installing from the sharepoint installer worked. i cant believe they took it out!

  • grateful guest

    Thank you. Thank you. Bad decision by Microsoft to remove OPM from 2013. You remedied that with a recovery solution that worked exactly as described.

  • Cyrus

    Thanks in advance for this guidance, but I can’t recognize how they decided to remove OPM from 2013. Really it is so bad decision.

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    Yes, I am fully agree with your below comments ! How could decided to remove it out. it is unreasonable decision.

  • Jean

    Brilliant! Thank you for these instructions. Works! The only thing I would add to them is “Right click on each item to select Not Available”. Wonderful to have Picture Manager back!

  • B

    Thanks so much. Love this program

  • Ralph

    A million thanks! I am in real estate and use it to enhance all the property pictures I take. Have many other uses for it as well. Poor decision from Microsoft to remove it.

  • bhanu pratap

    thanks in advance for this guidance, thanks a lot for providing this information,but that’s really bad for office 365 users.