Missing System.Web.Optimization in MVC4

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Opening up a MVC4 project in Visual Studio 2010 can sometimes result in a missing System.Web.Optimization errors. You can install the missing packages by using the Package Manager Console from the Tools -> Library Package Manager menu as shown below.


Once the console is open enter

Install-Package Microsoft.Web.Optimization

and you should no longer receive a missing reference error. Note that you may need to run Visual Studio as administrator to correctly install the packages.

Another option is to install the pre-release by appending -Pre to the console command:

Install-Package Microsoft.Web.Optimization -Pre

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  1. Rahul says:

    I dont use MVC4 but this fixed my problem. Thank you!

  2. Rasshme says:

    thanks !!!! solved my problem.

  3. hamid says:

    Thankyou excellent

  4. Pravesh Singh says:

    This is a very nice article on “Missing System.Web.Optimization in MVC4”. I have find out one more article that help to add reference of “System.Web.Optimization”.


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