Poll: Do you own a smartwatch?

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Do you own a smartwatch?

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  1. Michael says:

    I owned a high-end smartwatch very briefly. It was given as a gift from my wife, after my research helped her decision. They are, in my opinion, “not ready for prime time”. Every time I would get in my car, it would mess up the blue-tooth connection with my phone, which I had come to depend upon. The voice interface depended, of course, upon a good Internet connection, which was occasionally missing leading me to talk to my watch, embarrassingly often distracted by it, in traffic, and this caused more frustration than function. Forget trying to get anything done by swiping one finger instead of talking to it, though… I mean, how many commands can you make available at the same time by a swipe on a tiny screen? I took it back after less than a month. I love my smartphone, though, and use it for hours a day. Someday, I’d like to own a “smart watch”… when they really make them smartly.

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