Ten Web-Based RSS Alternatives to Google Reader

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With Google’s recent announcement that they will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1st, many people are crawling the web for alternatives. Below is a list of ten web-based RSS readers that are worth trying out. Scroll to the bottom of the page to vote for your favorite. In no particular order:


This seems to be the front runner for most people. It has a clean UI, many additional features such as mobile apps and browser extensions, and can easily import your current Google Reader feeds.

Price: Free

The Old Reader

This one also has a very clean UI and similar feel to Google Reader.

Price: Free


Yet another RSS reader with a similar feel to Google Reader. Many great options here as well. The free account does have some minor limitations.

Price: Free with limitations, $1/mo Premium account


Another great reader with a more customizable UI. Can easily be made to feel more like Google Reader as seen in the screenshot below.

Price: Free, Premium enterprise accounts available


This one actually runs on the NetVibes platform. Not much of a difference, it’s free as well, just another option.

Price: Free


Great reader with a very minimal UI. Add your feeds and read them, quick and simple.

Price: Free


Another one with a clean UI. A few more features than FeedBucket

Price: Free, premium accounts available


Not a traditional RSS reader as you’re limited to pre-selected sites. However, their selection is very large. Great site for keeping up with current news.

Price: Free


An interesting site. You group feeds into collections which you can views as a blog-like feed. You can also view other user’s collections. Again, not a traditional RSS reader, but definitely worth a look.

Price: Free


Another site with many pre-selected options to create feeds from. Simple UI with a blog-like layout.

Price: Free

Vote for your favorite Google Reader alternative below. If you have one you think is worth a mention, leave us a comment.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Might have to change my vote to other:

    Very nice little RSS reader still in development.

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